CJKC Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Colorado Jr. Karting Club?

A. The Colorado Junior Karting Club (CJKC) is a group of Colorado Kart racing families whose mission is to: “Provide interested youngsters and their families a fun, organized, safe and educational opportunity to participate in the exciting sport of Karting. And in doing so, will enhance the experience, shorten the learning curve and regardless of individual goals produce an environment of camaraderie, healthy competition and sportsmanship.”

Q. How old do kids have to be to get involved in Karting?

A. In order to compete the child must be at least 5 yrs old. 

Q. Which classes are available for kids?

A. The youngest class, for 5-7 yr olds is called “Kid Karts”, for 8-12 yr olds, the class is called “JR-1” or Cadet and for 12-15 yr olds there is "JR-2".

Q. What kind of karts and engines do they use?

A. Organized Kart racing, regardless of age, uses purpose built racing Karts manufactured all over the world. They are steel tube construction, vary by size, (length & width), and engine type depending on the class. Each class is governed by well-established rules and regulations written by national and/or international sanctioning bodies. The Kid Kart class, (5-7 yr olds) uses a factory-sealed Honda GHX50 engine that is governed to produces approximately 2 hp. The class is also restricted to a set gear ratio, set tire diameter and other performance limitations in order to keep reasonable consistency among competitors and speeds to a safe level. The JR-1 class, (8-12 yr olds) use the same LO206 factory-sealed Briggs & Straton engine but produces approximately 8 hp due to changes in the rev limiter and carb slide. This class is also regulated to minimal modifications but does offer more potential options when it comes to tuning the Kart and engine for optimum performance at a given track and varying conditions. The JR-2 class (12-15 yr olds) use a World Formula 4-cycle engine Briggs & Straton engine, that produces approx. 12 hp and has a higher rev limiting ignition system. Great care is taken in all classes to provide a cost effective platform while stressing engine parity and ease of operation.

Q. How many races are there in the CJKC Series?

A. Typically there are approximately 8 races in the series spread out between April and Sept. Members may choose to enter as many races as their schedules allow. Not only are event awards given at each race but members also accumulate official International Kart Federation (IKF) points throughout the series toward year end awards distributed at the club’s “Year End Family Celebration” and IKF awards banquet.

Q. Where do they race and is there a place to practice?

A. There are a number of full time tracks open year round up and down the Front Range on the eastern slope, and one track located on the western slope of Colorado's Rockie Mountains. Temporary tracks are also occasionally set up within parks and parking lots. The CJKC-IKF series typically holds its events at numerous Colorado tracks and temporary courses. These same tracks are open for practice year round, (weather permitting) with some offering season family passes and other benefits. CJKC member tracks are listed on this site under the heading "CJKC Info" then "CJKC Tracks."

Q. What kind of investment does it take to get involved?

A. Like most sporting endeavors, you can get involved at many levels. Some choose to find good used equipment to get started; others choose to go right to the new stuff. The truth is that although one may be shinier, there won’t be much difference in performance, at least not for a new driver. As the driver becomes more capable, subtle differences in equipment quality become more important. The best way is to start conservative and see where things lead both your driver and your level of involvement. A ballpark investment for a good used Kid Kart, (5-7 yr olds) could be anywhere from $800-$1500 with a brand new one running in the $2500 range complete ready to race. A JR-1, (8-12 yr olds) would typically be a little more with used Karts going for $1200-$2000 and new ones in the $3000-$3500 category. Remember that you will also need some safety equipment such as a quality helmet, suit, gloves, etc. and safety is no place to scrimp. With so many kids coming of age throughout the classes, used Karts and equipment are sought after and tend to hold their value quite well.!